Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Prayer Request From Sue Cifelli

Update from Sue: Although not good news, we must remember to thank the Lord, through the good and the bad. Please keep this family in your prayers.

I have just gotten off the phone with my dear friend Joan, Jack's sister. Jack went into surgery this morning and was opened up from his neck to his stomach. Once opened, they discovered that his arteries were all closed. Apparently they had been burned beyond their ability to recover while he was being given radiation to destroy the cancer 9 years ago. They were unable to proceed and closed him back up.

Needless to say, the entire family is deeply grieved by this news, as even though the surgery itself was to be extremely risky, Jack was willing to have the surgery to have a chance at a normal life. To refresh your recollection, he has been surviving on ensure taken through a port in his neck since his cancer treatment so many years ago. We are all very concerned about how he will feel when he learns the extraordinarily disappointing news.

Joan and I discussed Romans 8:28 and know that God will use this for
Jack's good, but our hearts are breaking for him. Please continue to pray.

Through Him, With Him, In Him,

We have been praying for Jack who is having reconstructive surgery for his throat and esophagus which was afflicted with cancer. This will enable him, eventually, to speak normally and eat solid foods again. He has been taking ensure through his neck for the past 7 or so years.

He is having surgery tomorrow, Wednesday. It will be at least 10 hours long. Please join me in praying it is a complete success. Joan, whose brother this is was told he won't be able to talk for 6 months to a year after the surgery.

Through Him, With Him, In Him,

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