Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Prayer Request for Tracy's Brother

Please keep Tracy's brother in your prayer

Yes Esther, if you could put my brother Craig on your prayer list that would be awesome.

(A little history)
He has Pancreatitis, he was in the hospital for it a couple months ago and the doctors ran test after test and they just don't know why he has it and now it keeps coming back and the pain is unbearable and the doctors don't know why it comes back and they are running more tests and seeking answers. Sometimes it is associated with alcoholism but in my brothers case the doctors said that is clearly not the case as my brother doesn't drink.

On top of this my brother and his wife have a daughter with severe autism and it is so much work and stress and for my brother to have to be admitted to the hospital puts a huge stress on his wife.

We just really needs answers to why this keeps coming back and prayers that the doctors will find an answer.

thank you so much.



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