Friday, November 23, 2007

Another prayer please...

Vicky and Easter,
Please have everyone storm heavan. Thanksgiving was pretty rough for us. We are not ready to share details,but a few chaplet of divine mercies would be greatly appreciated. Please also ask fot the intercession of Padre Pio and Saint Francis of Assissi. God bless,
Dear Christine and all you lovely ladies,
I am thankful for you for responding to God's call to pray for others!

FYI: Unita is a homeschooling mom with a 4 month old baby and an 8 year old boy, Justin. Here is what she asked prayers for several months ago, "Justin is on the autism spectrum, he has high functioning aspergers and the teen years are the most difficult. So all praises to our God and King for dad being available now. Justin always brings me closer to GOd through his struggles. How can I ever give up when this chlild never does. "

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Esther said...

She sounds like a lady of great faith. They are in my prayers Easter.