Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Prayer and The Golden Compass

A film called "The Golden Compass" opens December 7. It is based on the first book of a trilogy titled His Dark Materials. The author of this children's fantasy is Philip Pullman, a noted English atheist. It is his objective to bash Christianity and promote atheism. To kids. "The Golden Compass" is a film version of the book by that name, and it is being toned down so that Catholics, as well as Protestants, are not enraged.
Urban Legends Reference Pages: The Golden Compass


Heavenly Father
whose goodness, mercy, love and greatness can never be outdone,
we glorify YOU, we praise YOU with much joy from the depths of our hearts!
Your Precious Son, Jesus, claimed victory for us once and for all;
He is victorious and reigns with you at your right hand.
We praise the Son for the blood he shed
That protects us from all that is evil!
Holy Spirit, by your power that moves us to goodness and love,
bring to our lips, mind and body the will to protect what belongs to God’s children
and to always act upon that will, the will of the Father.
Bring all of us Christians to unity and proclaim what is rightfully ours.
We claim God’s protection now and always!
We claim God’s greatness, love, mercy, and peace
for all the children of the world, for the Holy Trinity’s glory and honor.
We pray with our Mother, Mary,
-Easter A.


Esther said...

Easter, my mom went to see the Bee movie. One of the previews was for the Golden Compass. She asked me to warn everyone I knew. I told her not to worry, that the blog world is already warning everyone. Thanks for posting this.

Easter A. said...

Thanks Esther. :-)