Monday, November 19, 2007

Prayers for Jill - Update from Barbara

For all you warriors out there, I wanted to give you an update.

Jill finished her chemo on Saturday night. I'm told she had a bit of a fever and a fast heartbeat. But other than that, she tolerated the chemo well. At least no nausea. The doctors said the fatigue will hit around day seven.

She has been on a clear liquid diet for a week and the doctor gave the go ahead for an all liquid diet. Poor thing was looking forward to hospital jello. Jill is an itty bitty thing, so I can't imagine what two weeks without food has done. She's still in ICU but will move to a regular room as soon as her heartbeat settles. Hopefully home is not too far off. I know it will be like paradise!

Thank you, again, for your prayers. They are wonderfully powerful and she is going to need them. This shall not be a short road.

Please keep Barbara's cousin Jill in your prayers
I hate to ask for prayers too often, but they are really needed here and now. My first cousin, and Faith's Godmother (the intended bride from this post), was just diagnosed with an abdominal sarcoma. Without getting into too many details, I'll tell you it's going to be a tough row to hoe. Please pray that the doctors do not find any metastatic spots and that God will guide the surgeon's hands when he removes the tumor. Her name is Jill.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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