Thursday, November 29, 2007

Continued Prayers for our Neighbor

Please continue to pray for our neighbor, Edna.

It turns out that her recurring infections are due to old pace maker wires that were left in when her pace maker was replaced two years ago. The wires have embedded themselves in her heart muscle. They need to be removed.

The surgery - sometime after Christmas - is going to be risky. It would be risky surgery on a young person - and Edna is 87. However the alternative would be to leave the wires in. If they are left in the infections will continue to recur after she goes off the 6-week cycle of antibiotics. Each time the infection will be worse. It will become antibiotic resistant and it will eventually cause infection of the heart itself. In short, while removing the wires is risky, leaving them in is fatal.

Every day she must go to the hospital for an antibiotic infusion. (This 6-week cycle ends Dec. 20 - though they will likely keep her on antibiotics until the surgery) She is beat down by all this. Please keep her in your prayers - that she find the internal strength to keep going, and that the surgery, when she has it, will be a success.

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