Thursday, November 15, 2007

Praise Report - Prayer Request for a Young Mom Being Pressured to Abort her Unborn Baby.

Update from my friend:
Esther, please be inform that God has answered our prayers! An innocent child has been saved by the grace of God.

A friend in Hawaii shared with me that the other day a young expecting mom went for an abortion but at the last minute changed her mind. Praise God. However, now the family is pressuring her to abort her unborn child.
Esther, the other day I told you of a girl who at the last minute refused to have an abortion even though her mother insisted. Well, I just found out that this girl was told by her boyfriends' father, who after calculating the cost of supporting his son, the girl and unborn child, has decided to joined with her mother in pressuring the her to have an abortion.

As you are well aware, the enemy is fighting with all his might to win this war between good and evil. He wants to kill this innocent life. And by so doing, convince all who are on his side that it is justified. The enemy will not give up, until the end of the world, to get his revenge by distroying God's children to get his "justice" for being condemned to death for eternity.

The enemy has already won the mother and boyfriends' father to his side of evil. Now more then ever, we need the prayers of many. May God bless the innocent

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