Friday, March 7, 2008

Pray for the Repose of a Soul

The mother of my very dear friend, Rose, passed away on Wednesday night. While any loss is hard on the family, they are thankful that her suffering is over. My friend is also pleased that Wednesday morning her mother seemed to be in much better shape than she had for the past several days. She was sitting up and alert and they had a very pleasant visit. That evening she died.

I never met Rose's mother, but based on the obituary Lauretta Cippolla was a wonderful woman who will be missed by many.

I especially found this part touching:
Family to her was first and foremost. Granny loved to cook and her grandchildren recall fondly Sunday dinners and holidays at her house, which will never be forgotten. If a family member got sick, the soup was already cooking. When anyone stopped by, they couldnt leave without having something to eat. Worrying was her favorite hobby. During bad weather, she wasn't able to sleep unless every member of her family was home safely. The annual canning event at her house became a family affair and the tradition will continue with incredible memories. Lauretta was a devout Catholic and a member of St. Anthonys Church and the Society of St. Benedicts in Elizabeth. She prayed the rosary on a daily basis and candles were always burning in front of her collection of statues. She was a very special person and will be greatly missed by her loving family and anyone that had the pleasure of knowing her. Her legacy of love and kindness will live in our hearts forever.
Rest in Peace Lauretta. And thank you God, for being with the family in this difficult time.

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Esther said...

May she rest in peace.