Thursday, March 27, 2008

**Updated**Prayers for boy with Kawasaki disease!

This is from one of our dear moms in our parish mom's group.

"Please put Joey L. on your prayer list ASAP

His mom is at the hospital right now with him…He has a lymphnode in his neck that is very very large, a 104 fever, and a rash. And they do not yet know what is wrong with him."

Thank you all so much!

**Update** 3/30

Joey L. has Kawasaki Disease. Please pray that the hospital will quickly start his treatments and…Please pray specifically that no damage will be done to his heart.

Joey is on a ventilator and is suffering hypotension. This situation requires immediate prayers! Please storm heaven for this little boy (age 4) and his family!

**Update** 3/31

He is doing better…he is by no means great…but he is doing better. They are removing the ventilator and weaning him off the heart medications.

Keep praying…he has a ways to go yet to be healthy…he needs our prayers.

**Update** 4/2

Joey is improving more and more…he will be able to come home Thursday night or Friday sometime.

All Doctors are now in agreement that it was Kawasaki and that the Kawasaki caused Congenital Heart Failure/Congenital Heart Disease. Children recover from this fully though…he will be on heart meds for a few months.

Continued prayers for Joey’s heart to return to normal and give God praise and thanksgiving for his recovery!

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