Thursday, March 20, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

From Ed's Blog
Please- this is urgent!!
My friend's son and daughter in law( Ben and Christine) are due with a baby at the end of April. they FOUND OUT THAT THE BABY HAS "PATAU SYNDROME" WHICH IS A CHROMOSONAL (SP?) DEFECT. THE BABY ALREADY HAS SIGNS OF A BRAIN DEFECT AND A CLEF LIP AND PALATE AND OTHER DEFORMITIES. THIS IS HER FIRST PREGNANCY. She is a devout Catholic and will not think of having an abortion, even though she has been asked to by her doctor and family members!
please pray and put this beautiful family on all your prayer chains.
thanks so much!!
love, God Bless, Sue


ThereseAnn said...

Please tell them about this support site,
I have a child who is 7yrs with full trisomy 13, many family stories and much support.

ThereseAnn, mom to Natalia

Esther said...

Thank you. I will share this with Ed to show to Sue.

Easter A. said...

Thank you for the post, Esther. I saw this at Ed's and it's wonderful to see support from brothers and sisters through this blog. Thank you, Christine, for having created a blog where we can connect and pray for one another.