Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hello Dear Precious Prayer Warriors,
I have come to know this wonderful brother of ours, John Michael of St. Bellarmine: Contoversies and Secrets. He is a wonderful husband to Regan, devoted husband to their 3 children, and wonderfully orthodox in his beliefs. Please pray for him as he needs our prayers. Let us storm heaven as One Body in Christ Jesus. How I thank you all!
Here's Therese's (of Aussie Coffee Shop) urgent email to me:

Hi Easter,

In about 3 hours John Michael is going for a job interview that wouldgive him a much better job.His wife emailed me and asked me to pray for him. They are expecting their 4th child and Regan (his wife) said he has been concerned with finances and feeding another child. She also has diabetes. She has been such a help to me with Tom and knows many little tricks that have helped us keep him under control. With the new job, her pump costs will be so much more affordable because the health cover will be better. I just thought I would ask you to join in praying and if you could pass it on to other bloggers I am sure John and Regan would appreciate it.

God bless,


Esther said...

Praying for JM and all the other prayer requests here.

patjrsmom said...

Definitely praying! Any friend of Therese's is a friend of mine!

God Bless You, Easter for passing along this request.


John Michael said...

Thank you,

I didn't know Regan did that. Your prayers are definitely needed and appreciated.

I will keep you posted on the job interview.

God Bless!

John Michael said...

Not looking like I got the job.

It has been 15 days with no notice. We will see what God has planned for us.

Again thank you,